Finally, a dating app for dogs

Jack Barker. 38 minutes ago. You've been barking about it, and Chewy Inc has delivered.

Drive cat crazy with these genius pranks

Bark at them. Cats might swap back at you for this one but trust us, they DO NOT like being barked at.

This year's best sports ball athletes

Charles Bark-Lee. Not a strong golfer, however. 3. Babe Woof. Kick a flyball! 4. Playmar Jr. Playmar is prone to chew up the ball as well. Search for more on

You won’t believe how these 5 cute famous puppers look now!

Who knew Bark Wahlberg was such a cute pup! 5. Wow, Pawris Hilton, then and now! Search for more on

Man with mail at it again

Local doggos have reported spotting suspicious activity from the man with the mail for years now, and it seems that recent "see something, bark at everything" programs aren't effectively thwarting the man with the mail's

Local dog wants to be fed sooner rather than later

BARKSON, MISSIPUPPI — Local dogs are rallying around a new movement to push food time to an earlier part of the day. Some dogs are going so far as to push for a whole new meal in the day.

Top 4 intruders that will ring the doorbell and how to scare them away

The good news about these intruders are a few ferocious barks will do the trick. 2. Men with mail. These humans are more tricky.