Drive cat crazy with these genius pranks

Bring turmoil and humiliation to the cats in your life with these tricks.
Katt Hayter
Staff Writer

1. Eat their food (bonus: it's delicious)

More food for us. Less food for cat. Also cat food is super tasty (ignore owner yelling at you, it's worth it).


2. Catch the pesky red dot

This one is a hard one but if you catch the red dot before the cat you win the game.


3. Ignore them

Don't fall for their tricks. Ignore the cat and watch them howl.


4. Chew up their toys

They think the toys are for them but they don't realize that everything in the house is a dog toy.


5. Bark at them

Cats might swap back at you for this one but trust us, they DO NOT like being barked at.


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