Local dog wants to be fed sooner rather than later

Francis Bacon
Special Guest Writer
Dec 18, 2017 12:34 PM
BARKSON, MISSIPUPPI — Local dogs are rallying around a new movement to push food time to an earlier part of the day.
Some dogs are going so far as to push for a whole new meal in the day.

Tired of being hungry all the time, local dogs in Barkson, Missipuppi have started a new movement to make meal time a front and center issue for owners. While most complain that they'd simply like to eat earlier in the day, more radical factions are asking to be fed more times each day, with some asking in particular for more human food.

"It's not fair that humans can eat whatever they want, whenever they want," one anonymous source barked.

Another added, "and they wonder why we chew up all the pillows when they're gone. The ignorance is truly staggering."

Please note that (while possibly true by chance) this information is 100% fake and this site is not real.