Top 4 intruders that will ring the doorbell and how to scare them away

What to do when encountering these types of strangers at the door.

Ina Dogg
December 18, 2017 12:34 PM

1. Kiddos selling things

The good news about these intruders are a few ferocious barks will do the trick.


2. Men with mail

These humans are more tricky. To scare away the men with mail, you have to chase them right back to where they came from. After scaring them once, they probably won't return.


3. Strangers

Strangers are the most dangerous intruders. You'll need to do a lot of barking so they know they're not welcome.


4. Humans with food

This is the only intruder we like. The chances of treats increases dramatically when these humans arrive, so our best advice is to sit quietly and do our best not to scare them.


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