Pup Wisdom: 4 clever ways to get more treats

All humans love puppers so being a pupper is a sure way to get extra treats. 3. Shake paws with everyone. Did the human ask you to shake? Who cares! Everyone loves a doggo who does bonus tricks. 4.

Man with mail at it again

LOCAL SUBURBS, DOGLAND — Suspicious human carrying mail continues to terrorize local homes by dropping mysterious objects through the door at the same time every day. What is he up to?

Objects around the house that are fun to eat

Small human supplies are great to eat because the small humans eat them too so you know they're delicious. Items out of the fun box are always delicious. Find one without a lid for easier access.

Local dog wants to be fed sooner rather than later

While most complain that they'd simply like to eat earlier in the day, more radical factions are asking to be fed more times each day, with some asking in particular for more human food.

7 things in piles of leaves that will shock you

Human Children. While surprising, the likeliest of shocks are small children, generally harmless. 2. Small Rodents. It’s very common to be shocked by other critters who claim a pile of leaves first. 3.

Top 4 intruders that will ring the doorbell and how to scare them away

These humans are more tricky. To scare away the men with mail, you have to chase them right back to where they came from. After scaring them once, they probably won't return. 3. Strangers.